Wednesday, 18 February 2015


have u guys listen to Taylor Swift Red?
yeahh or nayy?
ohh I'm the only one
who little bit lame to hear it?

well, actually i do have listen
that song before, once
but i didn't have any interest
to keep the song playlist
continue to play it again
and again
I'm just skip, skip and skip
and continue to skip

but then i was
Coincidently play them
at youtube and
"owhh. Okayyy, its nice to hear".
laaa laaa. *shake hands
humm, i know why?
maybe because of the situation
i having right now
go listen to RED and you
might understand what i feel.

u know
life always made we chase the life
they want us to feel the pain
and happiness at the same time
and then teach us how to appreciate
and learn to accept each other
for what we have right now
thus, that's why people
write song and composed music
because the person they
didn't say those words to can hear them.

sometimes its not the song
that makes you emotional,
its the people and things
that come to your mind
when you hear it
made your emotions ruin.

btw, why read books when songs can tell whole stories in 4 minutes?

okay. daa.


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